Meet Our Wonderful Senior Couple, Elder & Sister Gabriel

Elder And Sister Gabriel Black & white Portrait

Everyone here in the Nigeria Enugu Mission would definitely relate to one or two wonderful experiences they’ve had with this terrific Senior Couple Missionary. So today we would be writing about them and have you get to know them up, close and personal.

Elder and Sister Gabriel, both in their mid-fifties, departed their homes on the 2nd of February 2015 to serve as full time couple missionaries for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints till the 1st of January 2017 (o, yes they would be leaving us soon) in the Nigeria Enugu Mission. Together they’ve been teaching and inviting as many people as they can to come unto Christ by helping them receive the Restored Gospel. They also second as our office Specialist, helping with medicals, counselling regular full time missionaries and overseeing some aspects of administration whenever necessary as per the directives of the Mission President.  These duties they discharge with  great diligence and enthusiasm.

The duo are parents and guardian to two returned missionaries who served in the Cote d’ Ivoire Abidjan and Nigeria Calabar Missions, two currently serving at the Ghana-Kumasi and Ghana-Accra Missions and another two ready to go any moment their mission call gets to them. How awesome?

Elder Gabriel in white & black portrait

Elder Gideon Gabrielwho has taken courses in Intelligence and Criminology, with bias to family and societal values, amongst other courses, had served in several capacities in the Church, including, being a member of the Nigeria-Festac Ward Bishopric, Ward Temple preparatory Teacher, Branch President of the New Heaven Enugu Nigeria Branch, High Counselor and lots more prior to coming on mission. Just recently, he was called as the Second Counselor to President Nmeribe, the Mission President of Nigeria Enugu Mission. If you know him well then you might have observed that once a football is nearby or passed to him, he starts to juggle it, this goes to show that he loves sports and in fact played professional football in his youth.

“My husband and Companion, is highly dependable and responsible in all things, particularly in the things of Our Father in Heaven. He is honest, caring and stands on the truth always, no matter the situation!” 

– Sis Gabriel.

Sister Gabriel In a Black & White Portrait

                               Sister Nkechi Veronica Gabriel,  

Read professional Courses in Mass Communications and Public Relations and still undergoing studies in Law and Social Work. A seasoned Media Consultant. Prior to her calling to full time Senior Couple Mission, Sis. Gabriel served in various Stake and Ward Callings in the Church including  being the Director Of Public Affairs at the Nigeria-Lagos West Stake and Director of Public Affairs at the Nigeria Enugu Stake. She also served as a Family History Teacher at The Nigeria-Festac Ward, and at one time or the other served as a Literacy Teacher, Relief Society, Young Women and Primary President at the Nigeria Enugu New Heaven Ward.

Sis. Gabriel also loves sports so much. She won medals and laurels in various sporting activities including swimming, volleyball, javelin and shot-put. She enjoys listening to good and uplifting music, and oh, she loves singing, she’s been a chorister since age ten and a strong member of the Nigeria-Enugu Stake Choir.

“Oh, I love singing in the Church, at Stake and Ward Conferences, carols and Church Music festivals. Singing and listening to uplifting music makes me happy and alive. I love the Scriptures and Temple so much, visiting and spending time at the Temple together brings Elder Gabriel and I quite closer and draw us even closer to Our Eternal Father.”

– Sis. Gabriel.

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“My Wife and companion cooks very well. I cherish her meals so much. She is a mother to every member of the household. One thing about her is that she is a very firm believer of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has imparted this so much in our children and wards as well as anyone around her. She is always happy but dislikes disrespectful people and as such always reminding our children to be humble, respectful and obeying God’s commandments. That is Sister Gabriel for you! In short she is a disciplinarian. We have had our ups and downs, but she is a very strong woman, ever ready to remind us – “to please always have faith in the Lord. He will Help you to endure to the end”. And these her encouraging words have kept us going in the house, against all trials and challenges.”                                             – (In Elder Gabriel’s Voice).


It is our desire to see more Senior-Couple missionaries devout their time to come serve the Lord. In This part of the Country, we feel there is need for more of them. All they need to have is “desire, sacrifice and commitment” and the Lord Almighty will surely see them through the journey.

We as a couple and family are grateful for the privilege to serve and we must add that we have been richly blessed by this service and we look forward to doing more in the future.

Best Regards,

Elder and Sister Gabriel.



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